Prospective Apprentice FAQ

What qualifies as an apprenticeship? Ie. Is right for me? connects high-growth small businesses and startups with aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to optimize their careers for learning and trajectory.

The defining characteristics of an apprenticeship are trajectory and exit velocity.

That means the position is one that will put you, the apprentice, on a substantially higher trajectory for your entrepreneurial career so that when you move on from the position, your exit velocity will be higher.

An apprenticeship should substantially accelerate your career possibilities on a 10 year timeline.

More specifically an apprentice is:
Highly entrepreneurial in nature – the small business doing the hiring will have a track record of growth

How can I improve my chances of getting an apprenticeship?

Do something. The best apprentices are already working on something and looking for an apprenticeship not as a last ditch option but as an accelerant. They’re already working on Facebook Ads, or SEO, and understand what Cpanel is, but they’d like to work on all those things in a business that has a $20k/month ad spend.

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