How does an Apprentice compare?


An apprentice is someone that should have executive or management potential in the next few years.

They expect to be pushed.  This gives you people that will not just do tasks you assign them, but who will identify new areas of opportunity in your business and capitalize on them.


Contractors and Consultants typically have a deep skillset in a specific area and come in to do a specific project with defined scope.

Apprentices typically will not have that deep of a skillset (though they may), but more importantly are looking at putting themselves in a situations to be team members in an ongoing capacity.


The difference between apprentices and VAs is that VAs are good at maintaining (executing existing processes) whereas apprentices have the potential to drive growth (create/improve new processes), given time and support.

I would base my decision on which of those outcomes I was looking for.


An apprentice is typically someone who has heard about online business and startups, or maybe started a side project and developed basic skills.

They have loads of potential, but would benefit from serious business mentorship and training to fully realize it.

Employers don’t hope that apprentices grow into new positions, they expect them to move up.

How Does It Work?

Option 1:
Matchmaking Service

You will get on a one hour call with one of our placement specialists who will talk to you about what you are looking for.

We will then write a job description and promote it to our internal network and on a range of external sites.

We will then filter all candidates through our three stage hiring process and at the end present you with a dossier of three candidates who you will be able to hire.

There is a success-only fee of $1500.

If you do not find and hire a rockstar through, there is no charge, it is totally risk free. We do ask for a good faith deposit of $500 to start the search.

Matchmaking Service

Option 2: 
Job Ad

If you would like to manage the hiring process yourself, we offer dedicated email blasts to our highly qualified list of apprentices for $200.

If you do not hire someone through GetApprenticeship, you get your money back. Please use one of the links to enquire about either of these services!

 Russ Perry 

 Founder - Design Pickle / YesInsights 


We recently reached out to GetApprenticeship to help us source talent for a new product we are launching.

I realized I am not an expert in hiring and wanted to find someone who shared the drive and passion our core team has in Arizona. 

Simply put, the GetApprenticeship process was insanely great. 

Easy, smart, effortless. 

Matt and Taylor supported me every step of the way and

the candidates were top-notch 

So great, we actually hired two people!

What kind of roles are good for an apprentice?

Generally, you want to use apprentices to fill roles that a smart, motivated person without any specific knowledge of your industry could do.

At GetApprenticeship, we're focused on three roles:

(i) Sales (BDR) Apprentice - For example: You have a proven inbound sales pipeline but need someone to do appointment setting and screening calls so you can focus on closing.

(ii) Marketing Apprentice - For example: You have a product with product/market fit but need someone to help manage your content marketing efforts by uploading articles to WordPress, scheduling emails and social media posts, writing some articles themselves and co-ordinating with your Facebook ads vendor.

(iii) Operations Apprentice - For example: You have a marketing agency and you need someone to help manage your clients SEO and SEM campaigns. You have a written process and need it executed every week across all your client accounts.

Will an apprentice just come in and learn a lot than leave?

Two to four years is a good timeline to set for an apprenticeship. That gives enough time for an apprentice to develop and mature within the company so they are in a strong position for their next role. For your company, it means that they will have had long enough to learn the ins and out and make a major contribution.

It's our belief that having someone great for two to four years can do more for your company than having someone mediocre for 20-40. An apprentice position gives you the opportunity to bring in someone great at a very affordable starting salary.

The exact timing of the apprenticeship should be explicitly discussed during the hiring process to make sure everyone's expectations are lined up.

Where can I find more detailed information?

Click here for a more detailed FAQ about hiring an apprentice

“it’s been 2 days since the Apprenticeship ad was posted and I’ve already received a couple of very interesting applications.

I am really impressed by the quality of people on your list and how well educated they are in terms of knowing what business owners are looking for.”

Kiri Masters
Founder - Bobsled Marketing

Apprentices give you the opportunity to bring future leadership talent into your organization at an affordable rate.

The brightest, most ambitious people today are looking for fast moving positions in fast growth companies. Someone looking for an apprenticeship is saying "I'm at a point in my career where I want to prioritize learning over earning." From an employer perspective, that means there's a tremendous potential to find undervalued assets.