Employer Hiring Guide FAQ

 What qualifies as an apprenticeship? Ie. Is GetApprenticeship.com right for me?

  • At least 10 hours per week
  • The role should be entrepreneurial in nature and your organization should have a track record of growth to support growth in the position. Apprentices are looking to move up fast so there needs to be a route for them to do that.
  • Entry-Level – Most apprentices are talented and hard-working, but lack much specific experience so entry level roles where you just need someone to come in and hustle provide the best opportunity.
  • Remote – Currently, All the positions we post are remote, though you are welcome to stipulate time zones.

How do I know when it’s the right time to hire an apprentice?

The best time to hire an apprenticeship is when you have a defined cashflow that they can take over and manage. Some examples might be:

  1. A Sales Apprentice: You have a successful inbound marketing funnel but your sales person is spending all his time qualifying leads instead of closing deals. This would be a great time to bring in an apprentice to do lead qualification calls and set appointments on your sales person’s calendar. This would let them learn the ins and outs of your company and sales process and put them in a strong position to move up.
  2. A Marketing Apprentice: You have a content strategy that is driving leads and sales but your marketing team doesn’t have the bandwidth to produce more content. Bringing an apprentice to create more content and coordinate with guest writers in your already proven system would let you scale a channel that’s already working.
  3. An Operations Apprentice: You run a marketing agency and have developed an effective website building process for your clients. It’s already working and producing results but your operations team doesn’t have the bandwidth to expand because they are stuck executing on it.

For even more details, please see the Apprenticeship Hiring SOP.

Where do you source your candidates from?

Our avatar is someone who has heard about online business/startups and started a side project or two so they have basic skills but has hit the point where they realize that building a business is really hard and would like to go work with people that have experience.

How should I manage onboarding?

I’ve seen a few people launch similar services to GetApprenticeship.com that haven’t worked out. And guess why? The biggest problem is the entrepreneurs doing the hiring!

You’re used to having stuff thrown on your plate and figuring out ways to make it work. You have tons of ideas and see tons of opportunity for growing your business. The natural thing to do when someone comes in is to throw a bunch of stuff on their plate and let them deal with it.

Remember though that you’re bringing an aspiring entrepreneur into the business that is probably used to having clearly defined tasks, not tons of ideas thrown at them. That means before hiring you should:

  • Be able to devote a substantial amount of time to management (I would budget at least 5 hours/week). I recommend daily calls/huddles for the first month and twice a week for the first 90 days as a minimum viable management schedule.
  • Have tight processes – One way to get better ROI out of apprenticeships and reduce your management time is to have very tight processes. If you don’t have a SOD, SOPs (or even know what those mean) Here’s a good place to get started and here’s a good place to scale up.

How often should I be in contact with my apprentice after first hiring?

I would strongly encourage being super high touch (talk daily for the first month at least) for any new remote hire. After that you can scale to 2-3x weekly.

How much should I pay?

$1,500-$2,500/month (roughly $10-15/hour) is a typical starting number for an apprenticeship role. This is, of course, variable and will depend on the position and their experience.

How Long Will It take me to see the ROI on an apprentice?

Most people I see usually can expect 90-180 days before they see positive ROI with inflection points of contribution usually coming 12-24 months after hiring.

Management and building teams is one of the highest leverage activities in business, but it takes time.

What exactly do I need to submit to GetApprenticeship.com to get my opportunity sent out to the mailing list?

  • A sales page with an apprenticeship posting to link to – Write it like a sales letter and sell the benefits of the position. Way too many companies spend massive resources marketing their products, but none marketing their opportunities when bringing in better people would solve the latter problem faster
  • Examples to model:
    Empire Flippers
  • A brief, one-paragraph description that will go in the email itself.

How Do I Submit a Position?

When you’re ready to submit a position, please do so here.