Are you an ambitious and motivated career starter looking to build skills in online marketing?

Are you ready to join a fast-growing technology e-commerce company with a track record of happy customers?

If this sounds like you, read on…

Why should you work for this company?

At Fuzion Electronics, they love gadgets and think being a geek is A-ok.

Starting out on Amazon and Ebay in 2009, Fusion Electronix have since branched out on their own to bring their great customer service and prices to a larger audience.

Fusion Electronix are looking for an ambitious person to increase their online presence while also learning valuable lessons in online marketing and sales.

You’ll be working directly with the founder, learning what it takes to run an online business and creatively finding ways to generate inbound leads and increase conversions across the site.

Position Details:

With the core goal of increasing inbound leads to the site, you’ll be put in the driver’s seat from day one.

You’ll be tasked with putting together a killer marketing strategy and making sure it’s carried out effectively – this may mean hiring and managing contractors, hiring additional team members or handling it all yourself.

This position will give you the freedom to unleash your creativity and test out different marketing channels as you see fit. How you ultimately move the needle is up to you, and you’ll be working closely with the founder to make sure you’re on the right track.

Position Competencies:

If you think this sounds like a good fit, you’ll need a few basic competencies in order to be the talented growth hacker they are looking for:

Must love crunching numbers – You must be great with a spreadsheet, and have knowledge of Google Analytics.

Content Ideation Skills – A lot of the planned opportunities will be based around building out brand content. You’ll be charged with coming up with good, interesting ideas for content and making sure they are executed by a team of contract writers and editors. You don’t need to be a professional writer, but you should be able to put together a blog post or product description.

Social Media Savvy – One of the key goals is to double down on social media, so you’ll need to get creative while working closely with a social media contractor to drive growth in this area. Use the word ‘mobile’ as the subject line for your application email.

Gets things done – This position is for someone ambitious. If you can learn quickly, you’ll be given the opportunity to take a fast-tracked path for an exciting career in marketing.

Position Outcomes:

Working as an apprentice for Fusion Electronix, you’ll be responsible for:

Coming up with a killer marketing strategy – You’ll be in control of how you go about increasing leads and conversions. You’ll come into the business hungry and looking to capitalize on existing opportunities, while identifying what’s going to be necessary to take the business to the next level.

Grow sales 20-50% –  Everything you do will be tied back to increasing sales on site. You’ll be figuring out how to drive more leads, increase conversions and learning a lot about online sales and marketing while you do it.

Use the word ‘mobile’ as the subject line for your application email.

How To Apply:

Send an email to applications@getapprenticeship.com with a link to your LinkedIn or personal website.

Applications close August 31, 11.59pm EST.