Sales Schema are looking for a Sales Development Apprentice to conduct qualifying calls, and set up appointments between prospects and our CEO.  Although the focus is on sales, the right hire will be an early “utility player” and will assist with account management, ensuring that the company exceeds client expectations.  

This is a remote apprenticeship role with significant responsibility for growing their business. If you are the right fit and a solid performer, you will have limitless growth potential.

If you become comfortable in a full stack sales position – closing deals, getting commissions and learning a lot as you gain experience in the B2B space – you’ll have the opportunity to influence other areas of the company.

A good candidate will go on to influence management and strategy, giving direction to campaigns and new initiatives. All while learning a lot and growing with the company.

Learning sales in an intensive role like this is an extremely valuable opportunity. If you know how to sell, you’ll have a ‘never go hungry’ skill for your whole life. If you can sell, you will always be able to make money – and if you learn to sell with someone experienced like Dan, you’ll have the world as your oyster.

Why should you work with this company?

Sales Schema helps boutique ad agencies and niche marketing service companies generate ideal leads and close business. They do it by running email campaigns on behalf of agency owners and salespeople.  

Ironic right?  Shouldn’t marketing companies know how to drive their own revenue?

Well, most don’t, as they are typically run by creatives who got from zero to one on referrals and their personal networks.  What worked for them yesterday is not working today, and that’s where Sales Schema come in.  At the moment, they’re sprinting to keep up with demand.

Dan Englander, the man behind Sales Schema, has experience working with Fortune 500s, Madison Avenue agencies, and startups. He is the author of Mastering Account Management and The B2B Sales Blueprint.

“When I fell into sales, I was extremely lucky to land in a job where I was nurtured every step of the way.  I went from a timid order taker to a confident professional in a relatively short amount of time.

Now I’d like to pay it forward.

Whether you’re experienced in the persuasive arts or a relative newbie, you can expect to learn, grow, and, if you’re up to it, take on a leadership role in our fast-growing company.”

Position Competencies

The right person is…

  • Self-Motivated – able to maintain a regular work schedule during the workweek
  • Self-Starter – the company’s processes are built in clay, not cement.  Be willing to take initiative to accomplish goals without much specific instruction.
  • B2B Focused – a strong personal interest in business to business (B2B) communications and direct sales strategies.
  • Socially Calibrated – you will be interfacing with prospects and clients directly. ​
  • Attentive to Detail – naturally detail-oriented with excellent Internet and computer skills. Use the word ‘attentive’ as the subject line of your email application.
  • Willing to Learn – Enjoys online business research and learning about new products, services, and industries.
  • Reliable – Has stable internet and can easily telecommute with our team. ​
  • Previous experience in sales is a major plus. ​


Position Details:

This is a full time, remote position offering $1500-$2000/month.

You will be working directly with Dan as you get used to managing outbound campaigns, following up with leads, managing current clients and exceeding expectations, various admin tasks occasionally, and staying on top of the company CRM.

Some of the tasks you’ll start out with:

  • Contact prospects based on marketing resources we provide (like email campaign data)
  • Most calls you do will be with ‘lukewarm’ prospects, but you should NOT be allergic to cold calling.  
  • Conduct qualifying calls to make sure leads are the right fit for the second call with our CEO
  • Set appointments between prospects and our CEO
  • Follow up as needed with prospects
  • On-boarding new clients
  • Account management: delivering the service and exceeding expectations
  • Managing outsourced employees and partners
  • Keep records in our CRM
  • Other things 🙂

Sound good?

Use the word ‘attentive’ as the subject line of your email application.

How to Apply​

Send an email to applications@getapprenticeship.com with a link to your LinkedIn or personal website.

Applications close July 29 11.59pm EST.