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Do you have a ton of hustle and drive, but no idea where to direct it?

Do you have loads of potential, but feel like you would benefit from serious business mentorship and training to realize it?

Do you love challenges, but can’t find the right place to really push your growth?

If this sounds like you, we’ve got the perfect fit.

YesInsights is a fast-growing SaaS company who are looking to hire an apprentice in a marketing lead position.

If you are enthusiastic about learning, want to work in a fast-moving tech company learning a hugely valuable skillset, then this opportunity is just for you.

Why Should You Work with YesInsights?

YesInsights is a new tool from the Design Pickle team aimed at anyone who needs to collect smart feedback in a simple and streamlined manner.

YesInsights allows their customers to create simple one question surveys to improve their businesses.

YesInsights wants to help everyone make better decisions through actionable feedback and eliminate the (often incorrect) guesswork behind market research.

This video shows a short walkthrough of the service and how it helps business owners easily add simple and unobtrusive surveying to any of their web content.

You can see some of the impact YesInsights has had on business owners – here and here.

YesInsights mission is to be the most helpful creative company in the world, and they are looking for a marketing lead apprentice to help them achieve that goal!

Position Details:

The Marketing Lead’s primary role will be to establish the foundations of new client acquisition through:

  • content marketing
  • funnel building and optimization
  • collaborating with the paid acquisition team.

With that in mind, working as part of the YesInsights team will come with some awesome benefits –

Join A Passionate Team – YesInsights is part of the Design Pickle family, a global team of more than 50 professionals who are passionate about changing the world through our creative solutions. Unlike most startups – with a founder and a dream – YesInsights is a powerful company ready to take the business world by storm.

Make A Real Impact – If you’ve ever wanted to work in an environment that’s small enough to genuinely influence day to day operations, this is it. You’ll be working directly with the CEO to come up with a growth and acquisition strategy to deliver the tool into the hands of business owners, marketers, sales teams and anyone else who needs to know more about their target audience.

Location Independence and Freedom – The position is 100% location independent. You can work from home, coffee shops, or on the road. You can work in the morning or at night. Weekdays or weekends. I don’t care. I care that you have reliable phone and internet connections, show up to regular calls on time, be prepared, and deliver the outcomes we agree upon.

Note: This position is fully remote. You will need to be available for some phone calls during U.S. business hours.

Long-Term Potential – While we will make no promises, this role will naturally evolve as the company grows. The door is open for everyone at our company to mature and grow into future roles. We strive to hire from within first.

Build a valuable Skillset – You’ll be getting paid to learn about (and practice) marketing, funnel building, marketing automation, content marketing,, and other skill sets that will carry you far in the online, SaaS and digital space.

Move Fast – You will be working directly with the CEO of YesInsights, Russ Perry. There is no red tape or bureaucratic mess when it comes to making decisions and taking action. We will move fast and have a great time doing it.

Position Competencies:

If the above sounds like something you can handle, all that is required to get started are the following:

You’re a good writer and like it – This position will involve a smart writing and content coordination. You enjoy writing and will be expected to use this skill to educate our target audience on the value of asking smart questions, how to use feedback and direct our audience back to YesInsights as the best place to begin their feedback journey.

You understand marketing and positioning – You should be comfortable identifying outreach targets like podcasters or journalists and crafting ways to approach them. You’re familiar with books like The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, Scientific Advertising, and 80/20 Sales and Marketing.

You’re systems-minded – You’ll be helping me ‘work the system‘ on a daily basis. I’ll be throwing outcomes and ideas at you and expecting you to be able to turn them into tasks and defined processes. You’re familiar with books like Getting Things Done, Work the System, and the E-myth. You get the internet and technology. You don’t need to write any code, but if terms like cPanel, HTML, CSS, SEO, Squeeze Page, and the like are unfamiliar to you, you probably don’t have the level of technical know-how I’m seeking. Bonus if you are versed in Facebook Advertising and Email Marketing. There is a form below to submit your application. Use the word “Russ” as the first word in your response to Question 9.

You can make demos and videos – A lot of our sales content needs to be about how we’re using the tool. You’re no slouch when it comes to a Loom or ScreenFlow pro walkthrough!

Position Outcomes:

  • 25% to 50% Growth of Converted Free Trials Month Over Month
  • $50,000 MRR by the end of 2017

Customer Acquisition: Your efforts will add quality free-trial prospects into our sales funnel that convert into paid clients.

Daily Marketing Management: You will assist with updating the CEO with the daily marketing activities for YesInsights including, but not limited to: Content created, content published, the performance of paid acquisition initiatives, social networking and engagement, and the overall advocacy of YesInsights in relevant online communities and social circles.


How to Apply:

  • Record a video of yourself – We will only accept applications which include a Youtube video URL. Your preferences for your video should be “unlisted.” The quality of your video is not important – you will not get extra points for fancy editing. Please keep your video under 90 seconds.Talk about:
  1. What are your career goals?
  2. What are you really good at professionally?
  3. What are you not good at or not interested in doing professionally?


  • Record a screen capture of you scrolling through your favorite website / service, describing why you like it. Upload this video to Youtube as ‘unlisted’, like you did above with the first video.


  • Fill out the form below


Step 1: Submissions are due by 11:59pm May 8th. No submissions after that time will be considered.

Step 2: Review submissions and schedule first round of interviews (Early May)

Step 3: Second interview and final decision (Mid May)


This position is now closed.

Please view current opportunities here.

Apply For Position: Marketing Lead @ YesInsights


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